Nothing has been seen like it before. Could be the most different in the history of dietary supplements, People Around the world are taking an all-natural “belly fat” pill called Relacore® to reduce their signs of getting old. And if the amount of sales are any indicater of effectiveness, Relacore is delivering Just what it promises. Everyone is fighting to get it in the stores.

Anti-Aging Breakthrough or Dumb Luck?

Relacore was origanilly designed to be an all-natural, stress-relieving “happy pill”, Its popularity in the U.S. has become second to none. The surge all started in fall of 2001 as it was discovered to be the link between stress and stomach fat, quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon.

So What Are Telomeres, And How Do They Keep Your Cells Young?

Chromosomes, which are capped by complexes called telomeres the provide some stability of essential DNA and pretty much prevents them from unraveling (kind of like the end of your shoelaces). Unfortunately, as we age and our cells divide into new cells (a process called DNA “Copying”), the telomeres cannot be full replicated due to natural copying process limitations.

Scientist believes that telomere shortening will eventually lead people to grow old biologically. An easier way to put the faster your telomeres shorten, the faster you age. So how is stress related to aging in the National Academies if Science, researchers found that the cells of healthy women who were considered to have high stress typically had 13 years more then on average, than the cells of healthy women considered to be low stress. Simply put, if you can reduce your stress, you can stay younger for a longer time.

A Natural Way To Fight Stress-Related Aging.

“It makes sense that Relacore is becoming a popular ‘anti-aging’ pill,” explains Dr. Heaton. “Stress, and the shortened telomere length associated with elevated levels of stress, has been shown in multiple studies to have dramatic effects on all aspects of life, from obesity to sexual health, even wrinkles. It’s logical that a formulation that helps reduce stress and thus preserves telomere length might have a positive impact on the detrimental effects that stress can produce.” So if you see someone taking a “Belly Fat Pill” to stay younger, don’t think they’ve gone off the deep end… they just might be a little bit smarter than you think.

Stress. That’s right… stress! As it turns out, the same diet that’s helping you lose weight might actually be causing you to retain figure-destroying belly fat. That’s because dieting is stressful. You worry about what to eat… when to eat… how much to eat. All that worry leads to “diet stress.”

And, as we all know by now, even ordinary, everyday stress can cause your body to increase or retain belly fat. That’s why you can go on a diet, lose weight, but still look thick around the middle.

So what are we to do? Millions of women are turning to weight-control “adjuncts” or “add-ons.” These groundbreaking compounds are not really diet pills in the true sense of the word. Instead, they help traditional diet and exercise programs reduce tummy bulge by controlling diet-related stress and anxiety… the same stress and anxiety that can lead to stubborn belly fat retention (not to mention that all-time diet killer “Nervous Binge Eating”).

Over the past five years, the most popular “Belly Fat” pill has been Relacore® (from the Carter-Reed Company). Relacore has sold more than 12.7 million bottles worldwide and is affectionately called “America’s #1 Selling ‘Belly Fat’ Pill.” Relacore has a great track record… and it wouldn’t be America’s #1 selling “Belly Fat” pill five years running if people didn’t love it. Let’s face it, you not only want to lose weight, you want to look good… and looking good means a thinner waist and flatter tummy.

So if you’re ready to go on a diet, or if you’re already losing weight and having a hard time getting rid of your stubborn stress-related belly bulge, try this exceptional tummy flattening feel good pill.* America’s most popular weight-control “adjunct,” Relacore.

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